Board Meeting August 2023

Wednesday, August 9th, 2023


Trustees Present: Carolyne Heldman Rovira, Sharon Caulfield, Tony Rizzo, Griff Foxley, John Ott was absent

Manager(s) Present: Roy Saba, Keith Edquist, Kim Clinco (bookkeeper)
Homeowners Present (for all or some): Rene Tonare

Quorum and Minutes:

  • The minutes of the Trustees meeting of July 12, 2023 were approved without change.

Public Comment and General Trustee Comments if any:

  • Keith Edquist reported requests from Jeff and Julie Myers that 1) the dog bag station be placed at the entrance to the open space trail by Jill Sabella’s house; and 2) folks be reminded that there is a county regulation that prohibits construction noise on Sundays and from 7 pm to 7 am on all other days.

Consent Agenda Reports:

  • The financials reports for July 31, 2023 were reviewed with Kim Clinco and accepted.
  • Keith Edquist’s monthly management report was received.
  • Roy Saba’s monthly water report was received.

Consideration of Items removed from Consent Agenda and Water Manager Discussions:

  • Roy Saba reported that there is a significant leak at the pump house, which must be addressed immediately. There will be an exploration of the leak with Timberline as soon as possible. This will also open up the opportunity for SGM Engineering to determine the best location for the green sand pit that is necessary to address the copper exceedance issue that is being reviewed with the CDPHE.
  • The Boram and White Ditch Company has requested payment of all of the funds in the LECVHOA budget for the ditch company to pay ongoing expenses. The Board concurred that a bill with itemization of the payment request will be sought before payment will be considered.
Architectural Review Authority:
  • The Wiseman project on Little Elk Creek Avenue will be clad with a different material than the ACA originally approved, because the original product is unavailable. The Board identified this minor change as the type of issue that falls within the discretion of Keith Edquist as Manager under the terms of the Architectural Guidelines.
  • Ray Ives is replacing the glass on the west side of his house at 15 Katydid with smaller panes that are tempered, but the overall effect will be similar to the existing window treatment. The ACA approved this project.
  • The Board presented a letter to the Mullaneys after the July meeting with guidance about how they should move forward to complete their project at the corner of Haystack and Capital Avenues. With the letter the Board/ACA stated that it would treat Dave Mullaney’s July written report as a request for a six month extension of the project as allowed by section 26 of the Covenants and that the extension would be granted to January 31, 2024 with the following conditions: (i) avoidance of debris through additional lawn mowing, organization of debris and materials piles, (ii) providing screening fencing for the eastern side of the site; (iii) requiring contractors to park on the Mullaney property; (iv) moving the shed that is currently on the eastern side of the property to the western side of the property, by no later than October 31, 2023; (iv) providing a landscape plan by the end of September, in coordination with the LECVHOA’s work on entrance landscape planning; (v) coordinating in the spring of 2024 with the LECVHOA on such landscape planning as may be adopted by the Board, (vi) ensuring that the remodeling project shell has been completed and cleaned up by mid-October, so that the work done over the winter will be primarily for indoor progress; (vii) ensuring that the project will ‘proceed promptly and diligently’ in the future as required under Covenant section 26; and (viii) recognizing that the Board will be more diligent about enforcement in the future. Dave Mullaney has responded to this letter stating that they will be meeting these conditions.
  • The Board requested that Keith Edquist update his construction approval notice letters to remind residents of the requirements to provide timely updates of construction process in accordance with the requirements of the Architectural Guidelines. The Board also requested that Keith Edquist clarify the terms of architectural lighting in a new draft of the Architectural Guidelines.

Old Business:

  • EPC Agreement: This agreement still has not been signed by EPC. Tony Rizzo will contact Linda to obtain the signed agreement.
  • Entrance improvements: Christie Jensen has been asked to bring plans for consideration at the September 13 board meeting, and then for consideration by the community at the September 30 gathering at the playground. She will provide 2 options: a low-key option made primarily from plantings, and a more extensive option that may include some ground movements and more detailed planting. The board will also consider a "no change" option, likely at its October meeting. Christie Jensen is asked to coordinate with the Mullaneys on their landscaping plans, for shared expense and goals.
  • Roads, Chip Seal and American Asphalt: The chip seal and asphalt repair at the road cuts will be completed in September. Keith Edquist obtained information from Pitkin County concerning the relationship between the county and LECV to maintain roads. Basically, Pitkin County shares the proportion of its annual Colorado state roads funds as relates to the roads within LECV to offset the LECV road costs, but both Pitkin County and the LECV have to maintain their own roads and budget for that expense that exceeds the state’s contribution. There is no means to change that relationship to ask the county to pay a greater proportion of the road costs.
  • Playground improvements: Tony Rizzo is planning a work day for September 16 to remove the elements of the playground equipment that will be replaced. After that day, Keith Edquist will sand, refurbish, and re-stain the wooden structure. Then on September 30, 2023 from 11:00 to 2:00, the community will be invited for a pot-luck lunch event at which the replaced items will be installed. Rene Tonare offered to help with the pot luck.
  • Water easement with Andy Wiessner: Andy Wiessner’s contractor continues to work on installing irrigation pumps so that Andy will no longer be using LECVHOA water for irrigation.
  • Signage: Keith Edquist and Tony Rizzo have counted signs and developed a sign plan that the board has approved.

New Business:

  • Adger property sale and water connection: Bruce Anderson asked that the board contact Allen Adger concerning the sale of his property at 1645 Capital Creek Road to remind Mr. Adger that the property is eligible for only one residential water tap through the LECVHOA. An LECV lot was combined with an adjacent property in the 1970’s and therefore the Capital Creek Road property has been hooked into LECVHOA domestic water and paying LECVHOA annual assessments. Sharon Caulfield moved that such a letter be prepared; Carolyn Heldman seconded that motion, and the board approved preparation of such a letter with input from legal counsel.
  • Policy Updates: Sharon Caulfield presented three policies that have been updated with initial lawyer input. They are the policy on alternative energy devices, policy amendments, and conduct of meetings. The Board unanimously approved all three policies subject to legal review and concurrence.
  • Fire Mitigation Report: Keith Edquist has re-circulated a fire mitigation report for the pump house area. The Board agreed to include this issue in the pump house updates.
  • Speeding in the neighborhood: Hugh Roberts has notified the Board of his observations of speeding in the neighborhood The speed limit is 15 miles per hour. The Board agreed that to increase awareness, some new signs with "Drive as if your kids live here" and similar sentiments will be added to the neighborhood, along with replacement of the Capital Avenue stop sign.
  • Capitol Improvement planning: The board hopes to prepare a capital improvement planning document – perhaps in the form of a GANTT chart – to address unmet improvement needs. Griff Foxley offered to prepare a format for this plan.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm. The next regular meeting is scheduled for Wednesday September 13, 2023 at 6:30 pm by Zoom.

Respectfully submitted,

Keith M. Edquist, Association Manager
Tony Rizzo, LECVHOA President

These minutes were approved by the Board of Trustees at its meeting on September 13, 2023.
Sharon Caulfield