Board Meeting November 2023

Wednesday, November 8th, 2023


Trustees Present: Carolyne Heldman Rovira, Sharon Caulfield, Tony Rizzo, Griff Foxley Absent: John Ott

Manager(s) Present: Roy Saba, Keith Edquist, Kim Clinco (bookkeeper)

Homeowners Present (for all or some): Ray Ives

Quorum and Minutes:

  • The minutes of the Trustees meeting of October 18, 2023 were approved without change.

Public Comment and General Trustee Comments if any:

  • None

Consent Agenda Reports:

  • The financial reports for October 31, 2023 were reviewed and accepted.
  • Keith Edquist’s monthly management report was received.
  • Roy Saba’s monthly water report was received.

Consideration of Items removed from Consent Agenda:

  • None

Additional Comments from Roy Saba, Water Operations manager:

  • Removal of trees from pump house surroundings. Keith has obtained several bids for this work to compare to the original DHM bid. The Board unanimously approved a bid from Aspen Arborists in the amount of $13,000, pending receipt of insurance certificates.

  • Roy asked if the curb stops at the pump house and within LECV should be retained. The Board unanimously adopted the policy to retain curb stops and to have them added to the GPS coordinates on the DHM subdivision map.
  • Internet connection at pump house. Roy noted that the Burkes have asked that the cable that runs to their property be buried, which might also be a good idea to ensure security and reliability. The Board asked Keith to research available internet options, to compare the existing Rise Broadband to Starlink and Pathfinder.
  • Roy is continuing to plan for ditch maintenance in the early spring of 2024. The Board scheduled a ditch walk for November 21 to identify the key areas in need of maintenance. Willows along the LEC interface with the open space are high priority, as well as willows bordering the property at the corner of Driskell and Haystack. The Board will continue to develop property owners’ awareness of the obligation to maintain healthy ditches, and to consider the best means to share costs with property owners where shared maintenance operations are warranted.
Architectural Review Authority:
  • Keith Edquist reports that Rachel Milvich has recently raised concerns about the height of the new garage being built at the Whitelande’s home at 184 Little Elk Creek Ave. Boris Milvich had stated no objections to the Whitelande’s plans when the plans were circulated to neighbors as required by the Architectural Guidelines. Keith reports that the neighbors are speaking about the issues and he is hopeful that no dispute will arise.

Old Business:

  • Sign and dog station placements: This will be completed in November; property owners have been billed for their share of road repair where damage has been caused by construction.
  • Water easement with Andy Wiessner: payment has been made and the amended easement will be recorded in the Pitkin County records.
  • Playground Refurbishment: The playground refurbishment project has been completed, and thanks are due to Tony Rizzo, the Voorhees family, and Keith Edquist. Consideration of any change in the under-equipment duff is delayed until spring 2024.
  • Mullaney Project Progress: Keith Edquist is continuing to monitor the Mullaney property remodel at the corner of Capitol Creek and Katydid. The shed will be moved in November and the workplace will be dried-in for winter. In a letter dated July 23, 2023, the Board had asked that the project "proceed promptly and diligently" as required by the Covenants, and that the Mullaneys adhere to the six month progress report schedule stated in the Architectural Guidelines. The matter will be reviewed by the Board at its next meeting.
  • Snow Removal Contract: has been signed by Keith Edquist at a cost of $8,000 for the season.
  • Considering depth of speed dips: Due to occasional complaints of auto damage from the speed dips, the Board discussed whether the dips should be made more shallow. The cost and management of such a project is significant, due to the contractor availability problems we found in trying to secure a contractor for road repairs in 2023. The dips have signage sufficient to notify drivers who are following the 15 MPH speed limit within LECV. New reflective striping will be applied by Thanksgiving.
  • Policies, Procedures, and Rules: The Board reviewed the new and updated Policies, Procedures, and Rules that have been circulated for Board consideration after consultation with LECVHOA attorneys. Carolyne Rovira moved, Griff Foxley seconded, and the Board approved unanimously the following documents, which will be posted on the LECVHOA website:
    1. Data Protection Policy (new)
    2. Social Media Policy (new)
    3. Architectural Guidelines Policy (updates)
    4. Inspection and Copying of Association Records (updates)
    5. Leak Detection Policy (adopt existing protocol as policy)
    6. Source Water Detection Plan (adopt existing plan as policy)
    7. Water Tap Procedures and Regulations (updates)
  • A letter has been delivered to Allen Adger, owner of an LEC lot that has been combined with his other property on Capitol Creek Road, to remind Allen that in the eventual sale of his property the LECVHOA is required to offer access to only a single, existing water tap. Should any additional construction occur on that property, a different water source will be required.
  • Completion of the EPC contract for pump house operations continues to be elusive.

New Business:

  • Snow Removal Contract: Keith Edquist has spoken with the new company to provide snow removal The Board continues to discuss the best means to develop a reserves and construction project management program for 2024 through about 2027. Griff Foxley is developing a format for this project management plan.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm. In recognition of the holiday season, the December Trustee meeting was cancelled. The next Trustee will be January 10, 2024.

Respectfully submitted,

Keith M. Edquist, Association Manager
Tony Rizzo, LECVHOA President

These minutes were approved by the Board of Trustees at its meeting on January 10, 2024.
Sharon Caulfield