Board Meeting December 2016

Wednesday, December 13th, 2018

The December meeting was held at the Firehouse. In attendance were Trustees Rene Tornare; Bruce Anderson, Jon Visnic, and Tim Vogel. Director John Ott was unable to attend.  Also present was Manager Keith Edquist and Owners Peter Vorhees and Dan Harris. Pitkin County Animal Safety Director Re Re Baker also attended the early part of the meeting for a presentation regarding pets.

Meetings for September, October and November were not held this year.

Meeting topics: ACA Radford addition, Voorhees culvert placement, pumphouse project update, update on Rizzo fine and status of Weiss matter, covenant committee update, marking of bumps and dips re-considered.

Consideration/Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm, and the minutes of the August 10 Board meeting were approved without changes. These will be posted to the website.

Public Comment

Pitco Officer Re Baker spoke to the Directors in regard to the control of dogs. She can be contacted via Pitkin County Dispatch at 970-920-5310. She needs a date, time and location, and animal description and can then write the owner(s) a citation and fine. The Directors re-affirmed that Pitkin County is the proper authority for enforcement of the existing ordinances applicable in Little Elk Creek.  Officer Baker was thanked for attending and left the meeting.


Radford exterior remodel–Manager Edquist had emailed a site plan and interior floor plan to the directors in regard to a proposed addition to the Radford (nee Hoyt) property at 0091 Alexander. Directors affirmed that such a structure is not allowed in Little Elk Creek per the covenants. The interior floor plan would need only the addition of a cooking appliance of any kind to be become an ADU, and from the LECVHOA standpoint, a duplex instead of a single family home.

This home has received approval to proceed with siding replacement (vertical and horizontal wood replacing rolled roofing) based on submission of specifications to Edquist (due lack of Board meetings Sept. to November) and his receipt of acknowledging emails from the adjacent neighbors. Architect is on notice that a construction deposit of $3000 is required once a Pitco permit is pulled for this work. Architect expects to attend the January Board meeting.

Voorhees culvert installation—Peter Voorhees attended the meeting to discuss the installation of a culvert under his driveway, which he does not believe is necessary and which his excavator refused to install saying it would only put water onto his property. President Anderson noted that culvert installation is required by the covenants; Director Visnic noted that not all driveways in the subdivision actually require a culvert due to drainage configurations in various areas. It is noted that the leach field on the Voorhees lot is partly within the 10 foot utility easement bordering the right of way on Little Elk Creek Avenue, and that the toe of this berm comprises, along with the road shoulder in this location, a drainage swale. Present grades prohibit the installation of a functional culvert which would effectively drain to this area without further excavation at its downhill terminus.

The Board determined is should have a certified, Colorado licensed, engineer’s opinion given in writing that a culvert is not needed in the Voorhees driveway in order to see their way clear not to require the same. Peter will get in touch with Pitkin County as a first step in this process. Also, Mr. Voorhees will need to agree to install a culvert at his expense if and or when the Association creates or has need of a Little Elk Creek Avenue drainage swale in this area.


Pumphouse Project, Owner Dan Harris reported the project as "nearly complete" with the exception of electrical work to make the internet connection, and some additional work on the chlorinator by EPC, the water operators, to complete their part of the installation. Dan suggested a letter of thank you should be sent to owner Beth Blackmer for provision of her rental equipment to do the work, and that this should come from the Board. Edquist suggested the same might go to Bud Norris for his part in this. Director Vogel said he appreciates the color change on the pumphouse exterior, as it is directly in his filed of view from Alexander Avenue. One door on the pumphouse has been eliminated. Some usable filtration parts are available and Dan will send photos and expected values. Dan has a 2 page summary of costs, which to date he estimates at $173,000. He will send this to all Board members.

Updates Rizzo/Weiss

Anderson reported that the $300 fine had been charged to Mr. Rizzo’s account. He said that mediation in regard to the Weiss matter had been delayed from early December due to his absence/health issues, and had not yet been rescheduled.

Financial Reports

Were not available at this meeting. Bruce indicated that two owners were delinquent in assessment payments. The Board asked that management to write a letter in request of payments as has been standard practice in these matters before.

New Business

The covenant committee has been unable to meet. Director Vogel said he had a list of changes to be made, but noted they were his alone at this point. He also expressed some reservations in regard to wholesale changes to the covenants. Edquist said the present state of this leaves him in enforcement limbo to some degree. He noted several violations in recent site visits. He will act in accord with the present covenants at this time.

Unfinished Business

Painting of the bumps and dips was discussed. This matter is to be looked at again this coming spring.

Next meeting

The next meeting date is set for January 11th, 2017.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Keith M. Edquist, Association Manager
Bruce Anderson, LECVHOA President