Good Neighbor Policy

These are policies which were adapted years ago and remain in place today. They address matters that are not specifically addressed in the covenants but are binding and legal rules by which the association operates.

Procedure for approvals

The procedure for approval on any structure includes those listed in the covenants Pt 20 "Structure" Defined, and which also includes fences, solar panels*, ponds, etc., is to show building plans, plat plans, drawings and specifications to ALL bordering neighbors for their signatures. This procedure needs to be completed first before it is brought to the board. This does not mean the neighbor is signing off for an approval, but to make them aware of what you are planning. If the neighbor has a problem with your plan, then it should be brought to the attention of the board.

*May 1979 Colorado Statue:

2 Section 38-32.5-100.3 (2) "Solar energy device" means a solar collector or other device or a structural design feature of a structure which provides for the collection of sunlight and which comprises part of a system for the conversion of the sun’s radiant energy into thermal, chemical, mechanical, or electrical energy.

See "Procedure for Approval", Pt 24 and Architectural Guidelines for further specifications on the procedure. A $3,000 construction deposit is required at the time of plan submittal to the board. The construction deposit is required by the HOA if a Pitkin County Building Permit or Demolition Permit is required for your project. This is refundable once the project is complete and there are no additional remedies.

Also keep in mind "Criteria for Architectural Control" Pt 25 when considering changes on your property.

Irrigation Water

At the beginning of May the irrigation ditches are turned on. Sometime in October, depending on weather, the ditches are turned off.

Please do your share to maintain the ditches on your property as it services others downstream. In early May, before the ditches are turned on, your neighborhood ditch should be burned or dug out and otherwise improved to handle the necessary water volume. If you have questions about ditches contact the Board at

During the summer months it is not permitted to water your lawn from the domestic house water. This could cause the subdivision pumps to fail for domestic use. This is a very important issue as we could ALL potentially be without water to our homes. Simplified, its OK to water potted flowers from domestic water as that does not require many gallons of water. It’s NOT OK to attach a hose to your house and sprinkle your lawn for the entire summer. It is required to have a functioning irrigation pump to water your yard.

Weed Mitigation

Pitkin County, in which we reside, has recognized the lack of productivity of our natural plant communities because of numerous invasive noxious weeds. Without a major integrated weed management program, these aggressive nonnative plants will continue to infest and degrade the lands that we value so highly. In an effort to address this issue, the "Colorado Noxious Weed Act" was passed. This means we must all eradicate our noxious weeds on our entire parcel. Little Elk Creek Village Association has been active in educating and creating awareness at the annual meetings of noxious weeds.

In addition the common spaces and roadsides have been maintained through the association. There are many ways to eradicate noxious weeds and deal with weed management, the choice is yours. For more details go to If you have further questions or would like recommendations of who can help with weed management, contact a board member.

Trash & Recycle

Trash is picked up every Tuesday and should be curbside by 7am.

When a holiday falls within any day of the week, trash is picked up on the following day. Each homeowner is allowed one trash container supplied by the collector. This service is included in your homeowner’s dues, although additional trash may result in an additional fee. From August until the snow flies there are usually bears in the area, so remember to latch your bear proof container. In the winter trash cans should be at the corner of your driveway, not on the road, to allow for snow plowing and 2 way traffic.

Recycle is picked up every Tuesday. To see specifics of what can be recycled go to

In Little Elk Creek plastic, aluminum, tin and newspapers/magazines/cardboard are picked up curbside. As of 2009, Pitkin County landfill is now taking No 1 to No 7 plastics; bottles and jars should be rinsed out. In addition to newspapers, magazines can now be included. Cardboard should be flattened and folded into 2 foot by 3 foot pieces please.

No plastic or brown paper bags are picked up curbside, but can be taken to the Aspen or Basalt recycle centers.


Dogs must be contained on homeowner’s property by means of fenced yard, invisible fence, doggie door, or leashed. Dogs at large are subject to being picked up by the Pitkin County Animal Safety Officer. For more details go to

Please pick up after your dog while walking in the subdivision.

Contain your dog at night to prevent barking late at night.


Homeowners are allowed "2 horses per acre, provided that said animals are well kept and provided for and do not become a health hazard or nuisance to the neighborhood, nor excessively destroy the surface vegetation." (See Animals and Commercial Use, Pt. 3)

The same procedure for approval is necessary with neighbor signatures and board approval. Proper fencing, irrigation and shelter should be provided. Manure management is a requirement at all times of year.

Speed Limit / Parking

The speed limit within the subdivision is 15 mph. Please respect this.

Parking on subdivision roads is discouraged particularly in the winter. Any vehicle parked on the road, does so at their own risk. Snow removal operations are hindered by on on-street parking, so please keep vehicles off subdivision roads as a courtesy to all homeowners.

Political Signs

An association must allow the display of at least one political sign per candidate or ballot issue on a unit owner or occupant’s property or window at least 45 days before and 7 days after an election. An association may regulate the size of the sign, but must allow the lesser of the size allowed by any applicable local ordinance or 36 x 48 inches . [38-33.3-106.5(1)(c)]


Civilian use of drones has become increasingly popular but has also triggered concerns about noise and privacy. Pitkin County has taken steps to restrict civilian drone use on public land. Please minimize use of drones in the neighborhood. If you choose to operate a drone, please only do so over your own property and be considerate of your neighbor’s peace and privacy. If a neighbor expresses concern about use of adrone, please make every effort to accommodate their concern.