Board Meeting March 2024

Wednesday, March 14th, 2024


Trustees Present: Carolyne Heldman Rovira, Sharon Caulfield, John Ott, Griff Foxley Absent: President Tony Rizzo (Vice President Carolyne Rovira presided over the meeting)

Manager(s) Present: Roy Saba, Keith Edquist, Kim Clinco (bookkeeper)

Homeowners Present (for all or some): Steve Smart

Quorum and Minutes:

Public Comment and General Trustee Comments if any:

  • None

Consent Agenda Reports:

  • The financial reports for February 29, 2024 were reviewed and accepted.
  • Keith Edquist’s monthly management report was received.
  • Roy Saba’s monthly water report was provided verbally.

Consideration of Items removed from Consent Agenda:

  • Keith Edquist’s report was corrected and a new report was issued during the meeting.

Additional Comments from Roy Saba, Water Operations manager:

Roy has begun work with the new engineering firm JVA to evaluate and propose solutions to the copper exceedance. The first step is to provide JVA with the chemical measurements and interventions that have been used by EPC to manage the water quality in accordance with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) guidance. The Board reiterated that JVA should consider all potential solutions for the copper exceedance issues that CDPHE has identified, from the ‘green sand’ filters proposed by SGM, to home-based water treatment options for homes that retain copper pipes, to additional additive treatments that might reduce the copper attractants in the water supply.

The proposed new ditch management regulations were reviewed by the Board, after attorney review. Upon motion made and seconded, the board unanimously adopted the regulations. Per Colorado law, the regulations will be effective 30 days after being posted on the LECVHOA website.

Steve Smart asked the Board to consider his perspective on the irrigation diversions on his two properties on Haystack. Substantial water enters the Smart property from three sources – an eastern-entry lateral of the Boram and White Ditch, a western-entry lateral of the Boram and White Ditch, and the mainstem of Little Elk Creek itself. He described that he re-routed most of the flow in the western B-W lateral to flow along the west side of his western property to join a ditch in the front of his properties. He recognizes that he did not seek ACA approval for this re-routing, and notes that another neighbor to the west shut off a ditch lateral some years ago, also without ACA approval. He believes that the new western-edge ditch delivers sufficient water for down-ditch properties, although those property owners have disputed that delivery. He then has monitored the juncture of Little Elk Creek with the other B-W lateral coming from the southeast. This is the primary location that has been controversial over the years. When the Smarts were not year-round residents of LEC, down-ditch neighbors and George Johnson developed a culture of managing this location to deliver water to downstream properties as the water flow would ebb and flow. There is an earthen berm that can be eroded, and in the worst case could cause flooding on Smart’s admittedly low-lying property. Smart seeks to manage this berm as he has done for the last several years, using make-shift systems. The Board noted that the Board has engaged JVA Engineers to review this situation and devise a ditch diversion to address these issues. Smart stated that he would respect that process. The Board thanked him for providing his perspective, and Smart left the meeting.

The Board responded to Roy’s request for greater understanding of the goals of ditch management and enforcement, now that the new ditch maintenance regulation will be in place. He seeks objective standards that he can discuss with homeowners. The board reflected that a "one-size fits all" ditch maintenance standard is not feasible, and asked Roy to participate in an on-site meeting with ditch managers George Johnson and Dan Oppenheimer (with others) to understand more fully their standards for ditch management so that Roy will have greater understanding of LECVHOA culture. [Subsequent note: The meeting will be held on April 16, 2024.]

Architectural Review Authority:
  • The Lindholm deposit return was approved by the Board upon Keith Edquist’s recommendation. Keith will seek neighbor review of the proposal for a kids play platform on Jill Sabella’s property. Keith remains engaged with the Mullaney property on Katydid.

Old Business:

  • None discussed:

New Business:

  • Griff Foxley:

    Griff Foxley has submitted his resignation from the Board as his family is moving to California. After reaching out within the community for nominations, the Board acted under the bylaws to appoint Beth Hoff Blackmer to fill Griff’s term, which ends on June 30, 2025.

    The Board gave directed authority to Sharon Caulfield and Keith Edquist to approve the new agreement with JVA Engineers if it falls within standard professional contract parameters.

    The Board began the 2024-2025 budget process using materials provided by Kim Clinco and Keith Edquist. Using the comments of the Board, Kim and Keith will work with Roy Saba to identify the budget priorities for the water system to be reflected in the operational and capital budgets, and bring another draft to the April 2024 Board meeting.

    The Board was reminded that the 2024 Annual Meeting will be held on June 12, 2024. Keith states that there is a conflict on that date at the Lazy O Firehouse, so another location will be sought.

Executive Session:

  • Executive session was called.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm. The next Trustee will be April 10, 2024.

Respectfully submitted,

Keith M. Edquist, Association Manager
Tony Rizzo, LECVHOA President

These minutes were approved by the Board of Trustees at its meeting on April 10, 2024.
Sharon Caulfield