Water Tap Procedures and Regulations

(As adopted May 1, 2019 by LECVHOA Board of Trustees)

This acknowledgement must be completed and submitted to Little Elk Creek Home Owners’ Association prior to performing a water tap.

  • To obtain approval from Little Elk Creek Village Architectural Control Authority, submit a plot plan of your property showing the location of the proposed water tap connection along with a brief description of the project.
  • No water tap may be made between November 15th and April 15th. If a road cut is necessary, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to repair the road surface to its pre-existing condition within 45 days. Owner is responsible for obtaining a Pitkin County Road cut Permit and completing the road cut to Pitkin County Standards.
  • A $1500.00 water tap fee made payable to the "Little Elk Creek Village Home Owners’ Association" must accompany the request for approval.
  • Contact the Utility Notification Center for Colorado for utility line locates. Dial 811 and follow the voice prompts. This service is free.
  • Contact manager 48 hours prior to water tap. A curb stop is required and must be placed within the road easement. Upon completion, manager will install curb stop location marker.
  • Any deviation from this procedure which results in a disruption of service, breakage of the water lines, and/or damage to the water system will require a payment of a $1500.00 penalty to Little Elk Creek Village Home Owners’ Association in addition to payment for all repairs.
  • Homeowner is required to review and agree to Little Elk Creek Village Home Owners’ Association Water Tap Procedures and Regulations by signing below.
  • Homeowners are permitted to have only one water tap per parcel.
  • Fee structure:  $1,500.00 fee per installation or alteration.
  • Installation of new tap with disconnection of existing tap will result in $3,000.00 fee.
  • If an existing tap is patched or disengaged, a payment of $1,500.00 fee payable to Little Elk Creek Village Home Owners’ Association is required.
  • The maximum supply pipe size for a water service line is 1".  In the event a fire-sprinkler system is required, the maximum supply pipe size for a water service line is 2".
  • If an upgrade is required to the residence’s existing interior water system and the existing tap is used, the $1,500.00 fee may be waived at the discretion of the Little Elk Creek Village Home Owners’ Association Board.
  • For any home built after 2018 and any significant changes to an existing interior water system, plans must include a planned space for future installation of a water meter.
  • The supply system must include the installation of a check valve and/or a backflow preventer and a pressure-reducing valve meeting current county codes.
  • The excavation, water tap, pressure reducing valve and space for the water meter must be inspected, recorded (with photos) and documented by an agent of the Association or the operating water manager for the Little Elk Creek Subdivision.
  • A tap may not be concealed or back filled without a Little Elk Creek agent or operating water manager’s inspection and sign off.