Board Meeting December 2022

Wednesday, December 14th, 2022


Trustees Present: Tony Rizzo, Sharon Caulfield, Griff Foxley

Manager Present: Keith Edquist
Homeowners Present (for all or some): None

Quorum and Minutes:

  • The minutes of the Trustees meeting of November 9, 2022 were approved without change.

Homeowner and Board Comments:

  • None

Consent Agenda Reports:

  • The monthly financials reports were accepted. There are no accounts receivable at this time.

Consent Agenda Items removed for further discussion:

  • None
Architectural Review Authority:
  • Wiseman addition at 121 Little Elk Creek Ave: Architect Kurt Carruth attended the meeting to provide updates. The program has been changed to include a gable roof on the south end rather than a flat modernistic roof. The garage doors will be translucent: the plans will include a light fixture timer in the garage to prevent accidental light flow during periods that there is no activity. The Trustees, acting as the ACA, approved the plan for delivery to Pitkin County subject to the conditions stated at the October ACA meeting, to include: 1) the construction deposit of $3000 must be received; 2) solar and lighting must be consistent with Pitkin County regulations; 3) the northwest roofline should be reduced to avoid the easement on the property to the north; and 4) the ponds, irrigation and landscaping plans should be brought to the ACA when prepared. The use of a light fixture timer as discussed at this meeting is an additional condition. Sharon Caulfield moved approval of the plans, with Griff Foxley seconding and unanimous approval.

Old Business:

  • Update on status of DHM report (Rizzo): The DHM report is ready to be completed. Tony Rizzo will provide the final list of updates to DHM so that the report can be received into the records of the HOA. The final bill for the report is somewhat over the $18,000 budget: it is $21,300.
  • Update on interview with Roy Saba and next steps (Rizzo/Ott): Roy Saba from SMI came to view our domestic water systems to determine if he could help coordinate the system for the future. John Ott and Tony Rizzo met Roy on his visit, and Dan Harris also was present. Roy is familiar with the Sensaphone and Eye on Water programs and can monitor those systems daily through remote access. He is also familiar with the equipment at the pumphouse and has currently worked with EPC. He has provided a resume that shows that he is a Certified System Operator. He states that his charge for the work would be likely to fall within the budgeted amount for the activity in the 2022-2023 HOA budget. The Board agreed that it would be helpful to have Roy attend the next board meeting to obtain further information. Sharon Caulfield also has a contact at McCabe Ranch that might be interested in providing the service, and will reach out for that contact.
  • Google Mail: he new Google Mail background for the email system has been updated and should now be functioning properly. Some emails may have been lost during the transition as they would not be delivered out of the old system.

New Business:

  • Update/review Reserve Study for revisions necessary: The Association Reserves study has been received. Keith has reviewed it and will reach about out to Association Reserves to remove the "mill and overlay" road reserve that is quite expensive and is not how we manage our roads. The chip seal road surface was last renewed in 2015, and should have a useful life to 2030. The cost should be significantly lower than mill and overlay and (subject to Association Reserves approval) the amount of reserves should for the project should be set at about $250,000 project cost. The board discussed extending the life of the chip seal with a seal coating about every 3 years, which might add about $35,000 to the road maintenance reserves. Keith noted that pump house transducers, which are only a few thousand dollars to replace, could be moved to the operations budget. The Board discussed that Association Reserves does not want to provide a reserves estimate for the PVC pipe in the water system because the "useful life" for the material for such PVC pipes has not be established by the industry. The Board once again noted that there have been no known failures of the PVC pipe during any of the work that Timberline has recently accomplished to replace homeowner service junctions and to install the household water meters, so that there is no reason to believe that the lack of an industry-identified materials useful life for PVC pipe would be a concern to require LECVHOA action. On the other hand, the iron pipe that runs under Alexander Avenue does have a materials useful life, and has shown signs of wear, and the replacement of that iron pipe should be included in the study.
  • Meeting ScheduleThe Board identified conflicts with the regularly scheduled meeting date of January 11 and agreed to move the meeting to January 18. The Board reconfirmed the meeting dates for the rest of the fiscal year, and noted that all Board members will endeavor to be present for the June 14, 2023 annual meeting so that residents can rely upon it for their schedules.
  • The SnowCap Caucusrecently discussed development of a "dark skies" initiative that would encompass the SnowCap valleys. Sharon Caulfield was present for that meeting and noted that LECVHOA likely would not be able to enforce any specific dark skies requirements without some covenant changes. Certain folks close to the Pitkin County Commissioners were also present at the meeting and indicated that Pitkin County may be willing to adjust its lighting regulations to meet the dark skies criteria, which would make it possible for HOAs to work with residents for compliance.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm. The next regular meeting is scheduled for Wednesday January 18, 2023 at 6:30 pm by Zoom.

Respectfully submitted,

Keith M. Edquist, Association Manager
Tony Rizzo, LECVHOA President

These minutes were approved by the Board of Trustees at its meeting on November 9, 2022.
Sharon Caulfield