LECVHOA Requirements:

The LECVHOA must own the appropriate water right to access irrigation waters from the Ditch Company serving the subdivision lot.

Irrigation ponds or tanks must be reviewed and approved by the Little Elk Creek Architectural Control Authority (ACA) in accord with existing Pitkin County and LECVHOA ACA guidelines. ACA will encourage installation of a below grade irrigation tank source rather than creation of an irrigation pond. Tank size will be limited to 500 gallons or less.

Pond plans and tank installations must also be reviewed and approved by the acting ditch managers for the Boram-White Ditch Company or the Little Elk Creek Ditch Company depending on which water source is utilized.

  • Ponds are granted for beneficial use for irrigation purposes. They are not, necessarily, for aesthetics.
  • Ponds must have a gated inlet and outlet.
  • Ponds should not be located in the irrigation ditches which supply them.
  • Ponds should maximize depth and minimize surface area so as to reduce evaporation.
  • Ponds must be lined so as to limit water loss to ground.
  • Ponds should exhibit water level drop when irrigating.
  • Ponds must drain in and drain out—i.e. a pond may not restrict nor impede ditch flow to downstream users.
  • Ponds must have an active irrigation pump for purposes of landscape irrigation.
  • A pond to be created, enlarged or maintained, may require a Pitkin County earthmoving permit.

ACA suggested sizes for irrigation ponds are:

  • A 16 foot circular pond up to 6 feet deep.
  • A 20 foot circular pond up to 4 feet deep.
  • A 10 foot by 20 foot rectangular pond up to 6 feet deep.
  • A 15 foot by 20 foot rectangular pond up to 4 feet deep.

An Owner or Owner’s agent constructing an irrigation source upon a Little Elk Creek Subdivision lot is responsible for any and all required county permits, and herewith his signature and date does so acknowledge.