Board Meetings-The Board meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7 pm at the Snowmass Fire Station. All owners are welcomed. Please come to the rear doors to enter the building.

Since some meetings during each year are skipped for lack of actionable items of business, please call or Email Manager (see bottom left of home page) to confirm the meeting date. If you have a specific agenda item please let the Board or Management know so that proper information can be on hand.

Owners are reminded that periodic maintenance of your septic system inspection is necessary to assure its proper operation. Little Elk is still collecting information on septic system maintenance to assure ground water feeding the neighborhood’s water system is not compromised.  If you have any work done on your septic system (inspections/pumping/repairs) please advise management and/or President Bob Wright. LECVHOA is keeping a spreadsheet on this type of work in the interest of protecting your water source from contamination by septic wastes.

Owners are also reminded that LECVHOA has located all existing curbstops as of 2014. Curbstops are valves on your water service line which allow individual homes to be isolated from the water system to allow repairs without inconvenience to other owners. Each curbstop is marked by a tall, blue fiberglass rod, which must be left in place year-round. It allows location of the curbstop summer or winter regardless of ground conditions. Leaks on the water system are, unfortunately, somewhat reqular occurrences. If you see water on the ground, or hear it in your home, please contact the Board, management, or homeowner Dan Harris. 
See also-LEC Leak Protocol.